Started having the seated acupressure back massage as a weekly treat and have noticed a drop in the number of head aches, so that must be good news.


Having been trying to get pregnant for many months I finally decided to try complementary therapies before going down the IVF route ... And thankfully I did I am now expecting a baby boy in march. I firmly believe I have the change in diet, reflexology and reiki to thank for this. Thank you so much Anna.


As a lady of a certain age I have been delighted with Annas new reflex facials, followed by the head massage, it is such a treat to be able to have them in the privacy of your own home, no dashing to the car and hoping not to bump into some one you know, great fab 🙂


Have had 3 treatments of reflexology and one full treatment of Reiki. A totally relaxing experience. A great sense of well being was experienced after each treatment and the Reiki is certainly well worth a try. I felt great after it. So glad that I discovered Anna.


I have now had 2 of the Natural Face Lift/Facial Rejuvination treatments and I have to report that they are Fantastic. Not only did my skin and (added bonus hair) feel and look fantastic but I felt renewed, not easy with 2 very active little boys. A thoroughly indulgent and wonderful treatment can't reccomend it enough. Thank you Anna, just perfect!


I met Anna almost 3 years ago, during a difficult period in my life and all I can say is I was lucky for a change.Her reflexology and reiki treatments worked wonders for my stress and anxiety and now I have regular treatments just for my well being. After all, I owe it to myself.


Anna has not only treated myself over the last couple of months but also my baby who was born prematurely.With reflexology her gentle,soothing techniques helped with his colic and his sleeping. I would highly recommend Anna as a very caring, professional and talented therapist. I always look forward to my treatments and feel relaxed and renued after each one.


I have always suffered with terrible PMS and a friend recommended reflexology. I found Anna through a google search and thank goodness I did! The difference is incredible. I feel so much more balanced and ready to face the world each month.


I've had a series of reflexology treatments with Anna for some time now after hearing how amazing she was through a friends. I've tried everything to help my insomnia and migraines through acupuncture with different therapists etc but no joy.
Anna really helped me relax, unwind and worked her magic to help me.

I really miss the fact that she is no longer London based though!

Anyhow, thank you Anna for having such healing hands!!!


I work in a very high pressured and stressful environment and find it hard to relax at the end of the day. I first met Anna via a friend and she has changed my life dramatically!!! By using her skills in relaxing treatments, I now feel at ease, can unwind and enjoy my evenings. I've learnt to switch off at the end of each day and now have time for me! Thanks Anna, I really don't know what I would have done without you 🙂 xx

Vicki Walton

I regularly visit Anna and I no longer have interest in seeing other therapists. I have never felt better and would recommend Anna any time.


While recovering from a mastectomy, I was very fortunate to get to know Anna via the Silver Pearl Trust. Her Reiki treatments are an indispensable factor on my journey towards physical and spiritual well being. Highly relaxing, healing and inspiring! Can't wait until the next session !!! xxx

Anna Versteeg

Anna's healing hands helped me de-stress, relax and sleep better obviously beneficial when trying to conceive.

Its not just the treatments I really miss now that Anna has left London but also the therapeutic chats.

Dhana Gorasia

I met Anna three years ago when she and I were both working at the Special Yoga Centre, NW6 providing treatments for their very successful Pamper evenings to raise money for their Centre. Since then I have had many treatments from Anna. Although I know many therapists, I particularly find that Anna's friendliness and professionalism are additional traits to her excellent, intuitive and very relaxing treatments. I have often felt like I am walking on air after a treatment (reflexology) and that every cell in body has been recharged making me feel relaxed yet revitalised.

I highly recommend Anna as a friendly, honest and dedicated therapist, who is very reliable, professional and very easy to talk to.

It is our loss and Ascot's gain that she has moved on.

Anne Power
Reflexologist, Massage Therapist, Reiki Master (Dip. ITEC MChTA)

Anne Power

I started seeing Anna when I was 6 months pregnant with my second child. I was suffering the usual troubles that goes with pregnancy, including lower back pain and SPD as well. Anna worked wonders! She really helped me manage the pain and discomfort during the pregnancy right the way through to birth. It was a delight and I always looked forward to my treatment. I throughly recommend Anna and reflexology during pregnancy and beyond - Thank You!


I've had several treatments with Anna and they have all been woderful - Anna is a skilled practitioner with a wealth of experience. Anna helps me relax and unwind and find balance in my very hectic life!!


Having treated myself to refelxology with Anna, I found that my sleep patterns improved, as did my general sense of wellbeing! I would recommend her to all my friends!